Jones PC Services is ready to bring proven and reliable PC expertise for your home or small business. We can help with making decisions about what computer equipment to purchase, to helping you set-up and use your computer. We want to assist you in getting the most out of your PC investment. Whether you want to access the Internet for the first time or if you have technical issues that require the assistance of a professional who speaks English not tech, Jones PC Services is here for you.

PC SERVICES & Consulting

Jones PC Services is ready to come to you to quickly and efficiently resolve your home PC issue. Don't feel like taking your machine to a store for repair? Not ready to spend time talking to support techs 10,000 miles away? From setting up new hardware, installing new memory, eliminating computer viruses, whenever you need assistance give us a call.

Computer purchase consulting

With all the different types of computers on the market, it can be  difficult to determine what is the right computer for you or for your family. We will help make that decision as simple as possible to ensure you get the right computer that meets your needs and that is within your budget.


Computers and the Internet go hand in hand. We can assist you with getting the computers in your house connected to the Internet as well as to each other and any printers you may have. This includes consulting on what hardware to buy, setup, and configuration. Whether you wish to go wireless or not, we can help you get the most out of your personal computing experience. Before you are up and running, we will make sure your network is safe and secure. Your home network contains critical personal and financial information that needs protection.


From basic help using the Internet to more in-depth information about how your computer works, we can help you better understand your computer. We will teach you the basics that will enable you to navigate your system with ease.


Service Cost Description
General service $50.00/hr. The hourly rate is charged at 30 minute increments of $25.00 with a minimum charge of $50.00
Travel time (applies only to customers outside the supported region) Current Internal Revenue Service reimbursement rate This charge is calculated using the mileage rate per IRS guidelines.
Phone service $25.00/hr. with a minimum of a one hour charge. The hourly rate is charged in 15 min increments of $6.50. If problem cannot be solved over the phone and in-house service is required, the customer will only be charged for the in-house service.
After hours service/weekends $75.00/hr. One hour minimum charge.



We accept personal checks. Payment is due at the time the service is rendered.

The Owner - David A. Jones

A  proven technology professional with 18 years of information technology experience. My skill set includes customer support and administration of divergent technical systems, and the ability to understand your problems without providing answers in tech talk. My experience with Windows operating systems, both at the server and PC level, is extensive. I have application support history that includes Microsoft Office, QuickBooks, various medical system applications and ancillary applications such as anti-virus software.


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